Who Is Joe Vitale?

Trying to improve your copywriting by emulating the experts? Check out Joe Vitale and his tricks in improving your craft.

With persuasion being the primary goal of copywriting, it’s not a stretch for some writers to aim to hypnotize their readers into purchasing whatever it is that they’re selling. Quite a few folks are considered as experts in doing this, though, and one of them is Joe Vitale.

Copywriting is a valuable skill more than ever in this day and age with the vast competition out there. I base most of my copywriting knowledge off of Joe Vitale.

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Who is Joe Vitale?

Born as Joseph Vitale on December 29,1953, in Niles, Ohio, Vitale is one of the most sought-after multi-hyphenates out there today. He’s an author, public speaker, coach, journalist, marketer, musician, and a spiritual teacher who is best known for his best-selling books The Attractor Factor and Zero Limits. Some folks might also recognize him from his appearance in the film, The Secret. 

What made Vitale a notable personality is the story of his struggle. From being homeless on the streets of Dallas, he’s a living proof that the law of attraction can help you work the odds into your favor. He harnessed his knowledge in metaphysics and positive thinking into reversing his standing.

Vitale and Copywriting

You might be thinking, what does Vitale have to do with copywriting if he’s more of an inspirational speaker and life coach? Well, it’s all about the core skills of the man in question. 

Vitale worked as a copywriter in Houston, Texas sometime after attending Kent State University. As such, it’s safe to say that he had the ability to charm and persuade people with his words from the very beginning. Coupled with the right attitude, he was able to make a career using a combination of his proficiency and positive outlook in life.

Another interesting point about the man is that he wrote books connecting mindfulness and writing. The two aren’t really exclusive of each other but it’s something not a lot of copywriters think of with how high-stress the industry can be.

In 1984, Vitale penned the book Zen and the Art of Writing: A New Approach to Creative Expression. He then followed it up with the  Hypnotic Writing: How to Seduce and Persuade Customers with Only Your Words in 1995. These two are just some of the titles where he discussed his own take on combining spirituality and marketing wisdom.

Through his writing, he was eventually dubbed as the “Buddha of the Internet” as he seamlessly weaves two seemingly different topics into one cohesive and effective business approach. He’s even considered as one of the most successful marketers on the planet. He made more than $450,000 in just three days with his home-study program Hypnotic Selling Secrets, making him an impressive if not prolific marketers in the game today.

What is the secret to his success, you might be wondering? Most of his tips tend to boil down to writing from a place with a positive feeling and mindset that you’ll get readers to take action. The actual copywriting steps and techniques are quite similar but with the addition of some positive steps.

One solid example is banishing the basic objections that can be found in your writing process. He also recommends that you activate your writing by avoiding passive language, being more clear about your statements, and fascinating your readers.